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What makes Stinger guitar straps the best guitar straps out there?

You mean other than its striking good looks? Plenty!

  • Unlike other guitar straps that use vinyl or cheap leather, we don’t scrimp on materials. Stinger guitar straps are all made from the highest quality top-grain Italian leather.
  • Each and every Stinger guitar strap is hand-cut, hand-assembled and hand-stitched by us in our Montreal studio. That’s right, artisan-made in North America, sweatshop free.
  • We are highly experienced leather-workers who love what we do, making the craftsmanship of a Stinger guitar strap second to none!
  • Every Stinger guitar strap is cut in a curved form, making it much more comfortable than traditional, straight-cut straps. Your guitar will have never felt lighter. Which means you can play longer…


What the heck is 3-ply construction?

Most of our guitar straps are constructed with three layers of high quality leather. A stiff, strong leather sandwiched between two softer layers ensures that our guitar straps are strong and won’t stretch, while remaining soft and supple for your comfort.


How do I attach a Stinger strap to my guitar?

Attaching a Stinger guitar strap to an electric guitar, bass guitar or acoustic guitar is easy... first you introduce them formally, let them get acquainted, then after a reasonable period of courtship they'll become attached to each other.

Or, you can put the pinhole from the top end of the strap over the pin at the top of the guitar, and put the pinhole of the adjustable end of the strap over the pin at the bottom of the guitar. 

Stinger guitar straps can also be used with various strap-lock systems.


How do I care for my Stinger guitar strap?

Rule #1, don’t immerse it in water. That’s it. And, we’re guessing you won’t be swimming with your guitar strap.  Over time, the leather will develop a nice patina, making it even more full of character.


Can I get a custom guitar strap made?

Shoot us a note at info@stingerstraps.com and we’ll see what we can do. Custom colours are usually do-able, as is embossing a custom logo. Custom styles are a maybe, depending on what you’re looking for.  


I have a ukelele, banjo, etc… Do you make straps for other instruments?

Shoot us a note at info@stingerstraps.com to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see what we can do.


Do you make guitar straps for left-handed players? 

Yes, of course! Just let us know in the Notes section before you check out.


This guitar strap is a gift, can you include a personal note?

Of course! Stinger straps make great gifts for guitarists. Just let us know in the “Notes” at checkout. And prepare yourself for the gift recipient’s undying love…


What if I decide the guitar strap is not for me?

No worries, we understand that not everyone wants a gorgeous, comfortable, solidly built, handcrafted leather guitar strap. If you change your mind, just send us a note within 21 days of receiving it. For our full return policy, see here.